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I've been a celebrant for almost 16 years now and have officiated hundreds of weddings, modern and traditional, large and small. Over the years I have guided a number of people through the process of becoming a celebrant and enjoy helping celebrants break into their new careers and thrive. I honestly believe I have the best job in the world and it's a great feeling to show someone just how amazing it can be.

Starting out as a celebrant is exciting and terrifying. We know how important it is to our couple that we get it right, there is no room for a mistake, it's just not an option.

Practice makes perfect but just how is a new celebrant expected to practice?!! We all have to have a 'first wedding'!

I wish when I was starting out 15 years ago I could have had someone to just look over my paperwork and my ceremony and make sure I had it right, a mentor.....

My mentoring service covers both ceremony and paperwork reviewal. It may also include public speaking training, marketing, website design, and evaluation of ceremony delivery on location. We can work out a package that is tailor made for you and your skill set and needs.


Next Steps...

I have always found a meeting over a coffee a nice way to explore how I can be of help.