I'm not religious, can we have a ceremony that doesn't include any religion?

Yes. I'm a civil celebrant, not a religious celebrant so my ceremonies are usually non-religious.

Are you happy to do a same sex marriage?

Absolutely. Love is love.

What if I have to change my date?

If I'm free, I'm all yours, at not extra cost.

What will you wear?

I usually wear either navy blue or black. My dress will be smart but not corporate, modest and professional.

What happens if you are sick?

I have lots of celebrant friends I can call upon. All my paperwork is in order months before the wedding and can be accessed by my celebrant friends at the last minute if need be. However, just to let you know, in the fifteen years I have been a celebrant I have never missed a wedding!

I'd like to include our kids, is that ok?

Of course! I have lots of ideas! I understand kids are a big part of many family units long before a wedding day. Children can be a beautiful part of your wedding ceremony. From reading poems to ring bearing, kids can be play an important role in your celebration

What if it's raining and I have to put it off until the rain stops?

Weddings for me are very emotional!! I could only cope with one per day so if it's raining or your car doesn't turn up or whatever life throws at you, I won't need to rush off to another wedding! I'm all yours!

My best friend wants to do a reading, is that possible?

Sure, no problem! Your best friend,  or your brother, or your mum!! We can include your family and your friends and we have the flexibility to make their part personal and relevant.

Can we write our own vows?

Yes and I have a document I can send you that will help you do so.   ~ But you don't have to if the idea fills you with fear!

Do we have to memorise our  vows?

Haha  No way! As if I would put you under stress like that on your big day!



I already have bookings as far in advance as November 2023 so please don't wait, I hate writing the "sorry I can't be your celebrant..." letters.