Rain, Rain....


Let’s face it, lucky or not, no one wishes for a beautiful rainy wedding day. When brides and grooms-to-be are visualising it’s not going to be a damp ceremony. It’s not like sunny day brides are unlucky, right?


However, even here in Australia, it’s always a possibility that the rains might choose your day to spill. There really is zero we can do about that, but we can take it in to consideration in the planning stages. My advice as an experienced, all weather, wedding celebrant is to choose a venue that has an amazing indoor option, not just a plan ‘B’ under covered area. It’s also worth asking what time you would have to make the call too as some venues need an answer by 10am for whatever reason… imagine if it’s pouring at ten and there is a beautiful cloudless sky at two! Flexibility is key, find a venue that will be flexible and when you ask questions they answer, “if we can do it, we will”, at the end of the day that’s going to make the difference.


Ask the questions when you are choosing different providers what happens if it’s raining, do the musicians pack up in fear of their instruments getting soggy? Will the wait staff serve the canapes in drizzle? And most importantly, I think, is to choose a celebrant that doesn’t need to race out to another wedding. Choose one that is prepared to sit and watch the Bureau of Meteorology website with you for an hour or so to see if the clouds are heading elsewhere and it’s worth waiting just a little longer.


I’ve just found in the past that when you deal with all these in the planning stages, they are rarely needed. If it does rain it’s not such a big deal and although disappointing, it doesn’t lead to makeup artists spending the morning trying to cover up post-sobbing, red, puffy, eyes with concealer giving you annoying quotes about it being about the marriage not the wedding – not helpful right now!

If you are organizing your wedding now, go ask those questions!

If you are yet to choose a venue or a celebrant, make sure it’s on your list of what to ask them.


But at the end of the day, it’s about the marriage not the wedding, right? 😉